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EcoEquity "is an activist think tank focused on the development and promotion of a just and adequate solution to the climate crisis. Through our participation in domestic and international networks of both activists and scholars, we argue for a precautionary approach to the prevention of dangerous climate change, and for a global policy architecture that would protect the right to sustainable development." [1]

Advisory Board

Accessed September 2008: [2]

  • Azibuike Akaba, Environmental Justice Specialist, California EPA
  • Eugene Coyle, PhD, Ecological Economics, "public servant"
  • John Gershman, Associate Professor, Wagner School of Public Policy, New York University
  • Barbara Haya, PhD Candidate, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley
  • Glenn Fieldman, Associate Professor, San Francisco State University
  • Donna Green, Research Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
  • Dan Kammen (chair), Professor, Energy and Resources Group and Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
  • Juliette Majot, Consultant specializing in Non-profit Organizations
  • Richard Norgaard, Professor, Energy and Resources Group
  • Patrick McCully, Executive Director, International Rivers Network
  • Susan Ode, Program Coordinator,International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
  • Timmons Roberts, Professor of Sociology, College of William and Mary
  • Sivan Kartha, Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Jim Williams, Energy consultant, Associate Professor, Montery Institute of International Studies



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