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Ecotopia Fund "was equally formed by both, the wish and the need of individuals and companies that understood that with united efforts only they can start solving the growing environmental problems in Serbia and the world." [1]

In September 2009 "U.S. Embassy Belgrade supported the launching of the “Green Serbia” news service, which is a result of cooperation between BETA wire service and Ecotopia Fund.

"“Green Serbia” was launched on September 3rd at BETA premises, where the Embassy’s Press Attaché Brian Stimmler, BETA’s Editor-in-Chief Ivan Cvejic, and President of the Managing Board of Ecotopia Fund Srdja Popovic announced the beginning of its work and explained the significance of the program for public ecological awareness." [1]

"Ivan Radovanovic, Goran Vesic, Nikola Zivanovic, Aleksandra Srebrenov and Srdja Popovic are founders of the first Serbian Environment Fund Ecotopia ( which assembles companies, prominent individuals, the media and representatives of public organizations dealing with ecology and environmental protection. Ecotopia is currently conducting campaigns Green Report, Shining Forest Singing Forest and Green Serbia aimed at raising ecological awareness among citizens of Serbia." [2]


Accessed March 2010: [3]

The Fund has 10 founders. Management bodies are the Assembly, the Board of Directors (BD) and the Executive Director. The creation of a new BD structure is in process and currently made of:



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