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"Born and brought up in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo; a zone at conflict for more than a decade; Eddy Musoke Daniel become a Ecologist activist while he was just 9 years old. He joined the “Enfants protecteurs de la Nature” in 2003; a group of children in Goma; his native city; fighting for the rights of children and protecting the ecology. Eddy’s talent in poetry was quickly discovered by the leading NGO of the group; WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and helped Eddy to exploit his talent of poetry and public speaking. Eddy started writing his own poems in 2004 and present them to the public during school and/or the association events. this will lead Eddy Musoke to become popular in the group and therefore was elected as the President of the children group fighting for the safety of the environment from 2004 to 2007.

"Eddy became a bright young leader, ecologist and child rights activist and get the once-in-a-life time opportunity of being sent to the Children’s parliament as member of the conservation of environment commission; which will be led by him few months after his presence in the commission. Being member of the children’s parliament in Eastern Congo helped Eddy to discover his big passion and vision for children’s rights; he successively play different important roles in that parliament: President of the commission of conservation of nature, Elected Child Protection adviser of the leading committee in 2006, adviser in charge of Communication and media, several times member of special committees in charge of special missions for the children’s parliament both in the North Kivu province and the whole country before he become the President of the institution from 2009 to 2012. Eddy participated in dozens of planning, evaluation, budgeting and leadership of many projects on peace and conflicts resolution, Child protection, Education, Sexual and gender based violence and youth affairs in the country together with big agencies such as UNICEF, Save the Children, Care International, Action Aid International, MONUSCO, IRC, War Child UK and many more.

"Due to his strong passion for children, he will be selected as the Child Protection Officer of the Provincial youth council of the North Kivu province. He is the Co-Founder of a Youth educative TV Show and social group called “TRIBUNE DES JEUNES” which is existing up to now in Lubumbashi; the capital city of the Katanga province in D.R.Congo. Eddy also created the Young humanitarian journalists and reporters in Goma currently led by his former colleague . While President of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’ Children’s parliament; Eddy initiated the “Zero Child” campaign in 2011 to prevent children involvement in political and electoral activities during the 2011 general elections. He successfully mobilized more than $42,000 in less than 3 months to run the campaign which was at first encouraging children to give back their electoral cards and also to tell them to stay away from any political and/or electoral man-oeuvre.

"Eddy criticized the politicians and rebels for involving children and few months later became a political and kidnap target. He had to flee his country for Kenya via Rwanda and Uganda and ended up in Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya before a fantastic charity called FilmAid which uses the power of film to make refugee smile again, giving them hope and changing their lives recognizes his talents and expertise and recruited him. He led the “Do Good Feel Good Project” in the camp; a project focusing on male engagement to fight sexual and gender based violence, then joined the FilmAid Nairobi team as an Operation, Research and Learning assistant before he gets to Dublin in Ireland; where he joined One Young World summit as a delegate speaker during the peace and conflict plenary session. no longer president and or whoever he was back in his country;

"Eddy did not give up and used the chance of being a One young world Ambassador and therefore decided to; once again putt passionate young people together and empower children preparing them to be a better future in world free from violence, clean and promising a bright future for our children’s children. Eddy Musoke Daniel then created Happy4Life Network International to empower and educate children.

"Eddy is currently a member of Children in Green Nature Network worldwide, is a One Young World Ambassador, a passionate and recognized Peace and conflict resolution, SGBV and Child rights activist and he is the Executive Director Happy4Life Network. and New member of the Young Africans Fighting for a Better Generation (Y.A.F.B.G) board of Directors; the organization has been also founded by a former war survivor and refugee; they fight for youth empowerment, gender based violence and Peace; the charity is based in Massachusetts, USA and had acknowledge our Founder as an important peace maker and therefore joined the board." [1]


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