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Ed Lozansky also currently sits on the board of the Eurasia Center, and runs the World Russia Forum. Lozansky also associated himself with the dubious American non-profit corporation “American Institute of the Ukraine” who unceremoniously yanked its website last year, and he’s a member of the “American Council for Kosovo.” He also founded “Russia House” in DC, a consulting group whose mission is to “bring decision makers together” where he has hosted annual World Russia Forums every year since 1981. Dr. Lozansky formed the Andrei Sakharov Institute in 1983, to advocate for quarantined Soviet dissident physicist Andrei Sakharov, and he became its Executive Director. Vladimir Bukovsky served on the board of Lozansky’s Sakharov Institute, right around the time he formed what could be best described as an American propaganda group, Resistance International, which received considerable funding from Congress. Both groups also shared Robert Conquest and Reagan Administration neoconservative Richard Perle as members. Some of the early World Russia Forums were co-sponsored by Resistance International.[1]

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