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The Honorable Elbegdorj Tsakhia Former Prime Minister of Mongolia and Member of National Counseling Committee, Mongolian Democratic Party. [1] wiki


"Mongolian Prime Minister Elbegdorj Tsakhia, known as EB to friends, addresses the ISIL world Libertarian conference on improvements there using Libertarian tools.

"Ulan Bator, Mongolia, February 2008--Pro-Libertarian Prime Minister of Mongolia 'E.B." or Elbegdorj Tsakhia will be stepping down to 'build needed Libertarian foundations' in his country say supporters via several think tanks and education ventures. While not retiring from public life, the co-creator of the UN Millenium Goals and advocate of voluntary solutions will mentor 'basic' building blocs including a legal help clinic.

"Credited with leading the effort that overthrew Communism, supporters said that recent political gyrations suggested that things have gone as far as possible without renewed efforts of both Libertarian and Liberal education and civic network building. Supporters warned a period of flux might occur should the Communists seek a return helped by rigged elections and organized crime. According to local libertarians, "We've just laid the first foundations. Extremists are fighting back and there will be many years of development still. The lesson here for all Libertarians is we're a cultural movement and one can do much, but only so much with pure politics."

"In a few short years EB led coalitions and the Democracy Party to end numerous Stalinist measures with a human-rights based Constitution, re-introduce free press and commerce from stock exchanges to farmer's markets, create a low-tax regime that is creating an economic boom, and start a process to develop civil law and both eco-friendly and privatization efforts.The Soros Institute, somewhat prematurely, stated that Mongolia was becoming a 'Libertarian country.' LIO is developing a Libertarian group and scholars have begun translating Libertarian works such as Bergland's 'Libertarianism in One Lesson.'" [2]

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