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Eldon R. “Butch” Barkman "has served in various roles of leadership within Wycliffe and JAARS. With this leadership experience, Barkman works with the Wycliffe board to help lead Wycliffe USA forward in meeting the goals of Vision 2025.

"Currently, Barkman works as the leadership coordinator for the Wycliffe America’s Area. Barkman joined Wycliffe in 1971 and served as a pilot for SIL Peru for over ten years. While in Peru, Butch also worked as the general director for SIL Peru. For nine years, Barkman served as the executive director and president of JAARS.

"Before joining Wycliffe, Barkman served in the U.S. Military for five years and received aviation experience. In addition to working with Wycliffe, Barkman served on the Gordon Conwell Seminary Advisory Board.

"Barkman resides in North Carolina with his wife Sandi. He has been involved in teaching Sunday school and Bible clubs." [1]

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