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Biographical Information

Eleanor Mulloney LeCain, "the Founding President of WOVA, is the founder of New Way USA, a strategic communications center for the United States. She has done strategic planning for groups committed to positive social change including government, non-profits, and philanthropy." [1]

"Eleanor LeCain, an expert in social innovation, is President of NewWayUSA, an organization dedicated to showing individuals, organizations and governments the transformational programs, principles and people who can improve results, save money, and help build a new world. Eleanor is a highly respected inspirational visionary and social and political commentator who shows how crisis is really an opportunity to grow and reweave our lives and our society based on respecting ourselves, each other and Mother Nature. She served as the Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of State and is author of the book Breakthrough Solutions that Can Change the World: How to Improve Lives and Cut Costs by Building on What Works with an introduction by the Dalai Lama." [2]


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