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"Betsy Duncan Smith is an active fundraiser for Medical Detection Dogs and she says it is a huge honour to work with the trustees, staff and volunteers of the charity whose inspirational leader is Dr Claire Guest. With its potential not only to benefit those whose lives are transformed by being united with an alert dog but also in the early detection of cancer that is so vital in the prevention of spread of that disease, she finds MDD’s work truly pioneering.

"It was after she went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy following a late diagnosis of breast cancer in 2009 that she first visited Medical Detection Dogs when she heard about their unique research into early detection. Married to the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith and having four children, she was invited to become a Trustee in 2012. She is also involved with the Centre for Social Justice, is a Patron of the Woodford & Wanstead Association for the Blind and is a Trustee of Swanbourne Estate. "[1]


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