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"Elizabeth (Betsy) Gordon lives in San Rafael, CA and is founder of The Betsy Gordon Foundation. Her foundation supports nonprofit organizations working for the benefit of humanity and the whole earth." [1]

"Betsy Gordon, was introduced to IONS through the “Meeting of the Elder” conference sponsored by IONS and held at the Fetzer Foundation conference center in Michigan. She has studied with Angeles Arrien, Stanislav Grof, and Ralph Metzner. A certified Grof Breathworker, she has been active in the field of transpersonal psychology, which involved participation in conferences in Prague, Killarney and the Soviet Union." [2]

"Elizabeth Gordon has always had a fascination with the impact of psychoactive materials on societies throughout history. She has been active in a number of humanitarian causes related to developing a peaceful and environmentally sustainable culture. She has a strong belief that the introduction of these ancient substances into modern societies may lead not only to novel medicines, but also to spiritual healing and a more healthy existence for all people. She continues to be involved with The Heffter Research Institute in a fund development capacity and through service on the board." [3]

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