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Elliott Maynard

"His education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Washington and Lee University, a Masters of Science at the University of Miami, Florida, and advanced graduate studies in Zoology, Marine Sciences, Biological Oceanography, Coral Reef Ecology, and Tropical Rainforest Ecology at the University of Miami Marine Institute, Nova Oceanographic Center, and the Organization for Tropical Studies in Costa Rica. He received a Ph.D. in Consciousness Research from the University of the Trees in Boulder Creek , California , and has taught at Adelphi University and Dowling College in New York . He is also a Certified Professional Consultant (CMC). Professional experience includes pioneering work in aquaculture development, research in strategic food resources at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and designing new educational programs for the Hopi Tribe of Northern Arizona. Elliott is founder and president of Arcos Cielos Research Center in Sedona, Arizona which develops unique new paradigms in Science, Education, Fine Arts, Global Ecology, Human Potential Development, and Consciousness Research.

"Elliott more recent activities have focused on collaboration with key scientists and professionals around the world, working to develop new areas of futuristic research, and to introduce new paradigms in Planetary Resource Management. As an experienced field biologist and underwater photographer, Elliott has made research trips to tropical islands, atolls and remote locations to study the impacts of human activities and global climate change on the coral reefs and tropical ecosystems of our planetary ecosystems.

"In addition to being an accomplished musician, artist, sculptor, and videographer, Elliott is a seasoned lecturer, author of two books and numerous scientific papers, is a member of the World Future Society and the American Club of Budapest, and was selected as a Participating Scholar at the Foundation for the Future in Belleview, Washington to assist in developing of a four-part Television Documentary, The Next Thousand Years .

"He serves on the Advisory Boards of the Integrity Research Institute, a Washington, DC based organization for development of new energy technologies; and the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG), a group of key scientists from NASA, Academia, the Aerospace Industry, Government, Military, and Space Entrepreneurial sectors. He is also member of the ATWG-sponsored Space/Earth Leadership Council, which plays a key role in developing and sustaining new concepts in Earth- and Space-based Technologies. Elliott has collaborated with former UN Assistant Secretary General Dr. Robert Muller, to develop innovative new programs for Global Transformation, and presently serves on the Advisory Council for the Humanitad International Leadership Foundation, a UK-based network of Heads of State, Leading-Edge Thinkers, and Luminaries, for the promotion of International Cooperation, Advanced Education, Fine Arts, Intercultural Activities, the improvement of Humankind, and Intelligent Management of Earth's Natural Resources." [1]

His wife is Sharon Tanemura Maynard.

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