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E.C. Ejiogu "is a specialist in military organizations, civil-military relations, social and political conflict in Africa and the Middle-East. He is currently a lecturer in the department of sociology at the university of Maryland, USA.

"He has made several conference presentations including: ‘Britain’s Colonial Army Formats in Africa and Post-Colonia Military Coups: The Case of Nigeria’, Durban, South Africa, ‘External Intervention in State-Building and Capitalist Transformations in Africa’, Brisbane, Australia, ‘Protecting the State From Multiple Societies: A sociological Study of Nigeria’s Civil-Military Relations’, Washington, USA and ‘Broadening African Security and Sustainable Development: The Post-Colonial State as an Obstacle’, Annapolis, MD, USA.

"In addition to these, he has authored several scholarly articles on the military and political instability in Africa including, ‘Roots of Political Instability in an Artificial Nation-State: The Case of Nigeria’ ‘International Journal of Comparative Sociology’, Vol 42, No 3,2001." [1] CV

Undertook a PhD in Sociology, at University of Maryland, College Park, 2004. Dissertation: “Roots of Political Instability amongst Indigenous Societies, and in the “Nigerian” Supra-National State, 1884-1990: A Longitudinal Comparative Historical Study”, directed by Professors Jerald Hage and Ted R. Gurr.

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