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Mano Kampouris "joined the NED Board as a prominent leader in the American business community, having served as President and Chief Executive Officer of American Standard, and, from 1993-1999, as the Chairman of its Board of Directors. Like Tom, Mano's interests range widely, as overseer of the Executive Council on Diplomacy, a member of Oxford University's Council for the School of Management Studies, and as a member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He is a strong advocate of the idea that a healthy business sector is critical to a functioning democracy.

"At NED, Mano has served as Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Audit. The Committee is tasked with the responsibility of assisting the Board in overseeing the quality and integrity of the Endowment's accounting, auditing, and reporting practices. As the Endowment's budget has grown over the past few years, and as the responsibility of corporate boards to scrutinize the activities of the organizations they oversee has increased in the wake of a number of highly publicized scandals, the work that this committee carries out has taken on great importance.

"Mano has applied his considerable experience, managerial expertise, and overall good judgment to carrying out with great effectiveness this complicated task. In this endeavor, he has been most ably backed up by none other than Tom Donahue." [1]

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