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"EnAct International is an environmental law and policy consultancy that specialises in developing and strengthening governance systems that promote ecologically sustainable societies. We offer strategic advice and guidance on how to respond to the major environmental issues of today (such as climate change), develop policy, design and draft laws, advise on institutional architecture and reform, train and build capacity. EnAct was founded in London in 1994 and is now based in Cape Town, South Africa with offices in both Cape Town and Durban." [1]


Accessed December 2013: [2]

International organisations

Government bodies

Non-governmental organisations

Consultancies and other partners

  • Jonathan Crinion ( www.jonathancrinion.com )
  • Ecosphere ( www.ecosphere-consult.com )
  • CSIR ( www.csir.co.za )
  • MCA Planners ( www.mcaplan.co.za )
  • MEGA ( www.megateam.co.za )
  • Southern African Institute of Environmental Assessment (SAIEA) ( www.saiea.com )
  • University of Cape Town, Environmental Evaluation Unit ( www.egs.uct.ac.za/eeu )


Web: http://www.enact-international.com/

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