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Endorse Liberty, Inc. is a Super PAC that was created December 19, 2011 as part of the post-Citizens United wave of PACs which can spend unlimited funds and which can delay reporting of sources beyond key primary dates. Their mission is to support Texas congressman Ron Paul's bid for President in 2012. Very little is known about this organization at publication as they filed for monthly reporting and will not have to source contributors until Jan 31, 2012, well after most of the major Republican primaries have rolled out.

Their website has limited information as well, but notes that "Endorse Liberty is an alliance of entrepreneurs, inventors and creators who have come together to promote the cause of liberty as the founding principle that powers America."[1] The original titling of the organization may have been Endorsing Liberty, as the FEC filing lists a dead web address endorsingliberty.org.[2]

The only member of the staff listed and who filed the paperwork Super PAC with the Federal Elections Commission is Abe Niederhauser.[3], a young man in his twenties who has worked as an actuarial analyst and a marketing manager, according to [LinkedIn]. Their FEC filing states that they support more than one candidate, though thus far their expenditures have been in the loophole "external" category and 100% have been for Paul or against Gingrich.[4]


Treasurer: Abe Niederhauser - self-described at [LinkedIn] as a Provo, Utah based Online Marketing Entrepreneur and Actuarial Analyst at Beneficial Financial Group.


Taken from the FEC filing.

Endorse Liberty 1625 Sunset Oaks Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84108


Website: EndorseLiberty.org


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