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Energy Bulletin is an online publisher and information aggregator which specifically targets the concept of and the issues surrounding a peaking of global oil production and more broadly, the global energy supply.

The content of their published articles consists of

  • energy production statistics, models, projections and analysis
  • articles which provide insight into the implications of peak oil across broad areas including geopolitics, climate change, ecology, population, finance, urban design, health, and even religious and gender issues.
  • a range of information to help preparedness for peak energy, including
    • renewable energy information
    • alternative financial systems
    • low energy agriculture
    • relocalisation
  • any other subjects that could lead to better understanding the implications of an energy production peak. [1]

The website presents a variety of views on peak oil and related issues, the main requirement being that the editors feel they are serious and thought-out. As such, Energy Bulletin works with a wide range of authors including Richard Heinberg, author of The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies; originator of the Transition Towns concept, Rob Hopkins; former CIA analyst and ASPO-USA member Tom Whipple; Archdruid of the United States, John Michael Greer; Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren; as well as geologists, mathematicians, health professionals, psychologists, ecologists, finance experts and farmers as examples. The aim of the website is to thread these various perspectives into a common narrative, viewed through the lens of impending energy descent.

The perspective of Energy Bulletin is geared towards a general educated audience. A similar site, The Oil Drum, has a more technical perspective.[2]


Energy Bulletin is maintained by three editors, Bart Anderson, Kristin Sponsler, and Simone Osborn, based respectively in California USA and Bristol, UK. Adam Fenderson, & Liam Cranley of Melbourne, Australia, founded Energy Bulletin in 2004. On January 14, 2009, Energy Bulletin was adopted as a core program by the Post Carbon Institute. Except for Post Carbon, Energy Bulletin is unaffiliated with any private, government, or institutional body,

Post Carbon Institute, headquartered in Sebastopol, California, conducts research, develops technical tools, educates the public, and informs leaders to help communities around the world understand and respond to the challenges of fossil fuel depletion and climate change.


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