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Energy In Depth is a front group established by oil and gas companies to promote the practice of fracking, the injection of water and fluids into underground formations to increase the recovery rate of oil and gas. </ref> Shale gas production has also been driven by the relaxation of how gas reserves are estimated for financial reporting purposes, enabling companies to sometimes dramatically overstate their reserves, which has enabled them to issue debt and stock against those overstatments. [1] This overstatement of shale gas reserves has been augmented by gas industry ads and PR campaigns, often carried out by gas industry front groups, such as Energy in Depth. Who even target SourceWatch for their "counter insurgent" campaign against grassroots activists, [2]

Domain name registration

The domain name for the website was registered in late February 2009 by the PR firm, Dittus Communications.[3]


On its website, Energy in Depth lists its members as being[4]:


PR Firm

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