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Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy-USA is 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization that was launched in February 2004. [1]

On its website it states that it aims at:

  • "providing complete and straightforward information to the public on energy and the environment";
  • "promoting the benefits of nuclear energy for a cleaner world"; and
  • "uniting people in favor of clean nuclear energy." [2]


While EFN-USA was granted its IRS tax-exempt status in 2004, Guidestar states that "this organization is not required to file an annual return with the IRS because its income is less than $25,000." [3]


Contact Details

Guidestar lists the address of EFN-USA as being at "55 Rue Victor Hugo Houilles F-78800 c/- Berol Robinson, France."[4]

Website: http://www.ecolo.org/base/baseus.htm


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