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"The "European Muslim Network" subscribes to the idea of a Europe with Jewish, Christian and Islamic roots, by promoting amongst the Muslim communities of Europe the development of constructive criticism, unbiased reflection, peaceful debate and other rational activities with regard to Europe presence and future from within the perspective of the cultural universe of Islam." [1]

Board of Trustees

Accessed February 2011: [2]

  • PRESIDENT : Prof. Dr. Tariq Ramadan is Professor of Islamic Studies. He is currently Senior Research Fellow College (Oxford), Doshisha University (Kyoto, Japan) and at the Lokahi Foundation (London).
  • DIRECTOR GENERAL : Mrs. Malika Hamidi, PhD candidate in Paris (Belgium)
  • VICE PRESIDENTS : Mr Tanko Mouhamadou, PhD candidate in Brussels (Belgium) and Mr Belal El Mogaddedi, advisor for humanitarian and reconstructive projects in Afghanistan (Germany).
  • SECRETARY GENERAL : Mrs Naima Bouteldja, journalist (UK).
  • TREASURER : Mr Abdelmajid Mhauchi, Teacher (Belgium).



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