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Almacenes Exito, S.A.
Founded 1922
Founder(s) Luis Eduardo Yepes
Headquarters Medellín, Colombia
Area served Colombia
Revenue 1st quarter 2008: COP$1.7 billion
Operating income 1st quarter 2008: COP$47.3 million
Net income 1st quarter 2008: COP$19.5 million
Employees approximately 18,000
Subsidiaries EXITO, Ley, Cadenalco, Carulla, Vivero, La Candelaria & POMONA
Website http://www.exito.com.co/

Company History

In 1922, Luis Eduardo Yepes opened the first almacén Ley in Barranquilla. In 1949, Don Gustavo Toro Quintero opened the first EXITO in Medellín. In 1959, Cadenalco was founded by a company that grouped various Ley stores around the country. In 1974, Cadenalco aquired the chain of supermarkets called La Candelaria. The following year, Almacenes Exito S.A. was established as a corporation. The Exito Foundation was created in 1982 and the first EXITO in Bogotá was opened in 1989.

In 1993, Cadenalco acquired in Bogotá the supermarket chain ‘POMONA’, which was initially known as ‘La Huerta’. The following year, EXITO registered their shares in the Colombian Stock Exchange. In 1995, Cadenalco acquired Cativen and in 1997, EXITO opened its first store in Cali. Virtual EXITO was created in 1998. The company widely expanded in 2006 when it opened 23 new EXITO supermarkets in Colombia. The following year, Exito acquired Carulla Vivero, the largest supermarket operator in Colombia. [1]

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Corporate Accountability


Business and Reintegration: Cases, Experiences and Lessons
This publication discusses how Almacenes Exito uses an SENA apprenticeship program to encourage the use of demobilized apprentices and helping demobilized persons gave employment. [1]

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Contact Information

Almacenes Exito S.A.
Carrera 48 # 32B Sur – 139
Envigado –Antioquia
Tel: +57 4 339 6565

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  1. Alexandra Guáqueta & Yadaira Orsini, "Business and Reintegration: Cases, Experiences and Lessons", Fundación Ideas Para La Paz, December 2007.

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