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Eye on the Post is a US-based media watchdog group that monitors the Washington Post for its purported "anti-Israel bias". Michael Berenhaus, the founder of this organization, also "assisted" in setting up the Pakistan-Israel Peace Forum. [1]

According to its website, the organization was founded as a response to the paper's "false reporting of a massacre" by the Israeli occupation forces in Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield in 2002.


According to the organization's website:

Palestinians, aided by reporters looking for ... indeed hoping for ... a story of mass atrocities committed by Israel's military, fabricated a web of lies. Not only did all of these false news articles prove to have been lies, but the truth that eventually seeped out was that ;Israel's defense forces went out of their way to spare civilian lives at a substantial cost of an excessive loss of their own lives [2]. (Emphasis added)


The organization's "strategic alliances" include:

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