Bolivian Forum on the Environment and Development (FOBOMADE)

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The Bolivian Forum on the Environment and Development (Foro Boliviano sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo, FOBOMADE) is a Bolivian organization that works with "social organizations, environmentalists, academics and people working in their communities and supports them to protect their environment and natural resources. Its areas of action, such as analysis and propositions, involve national actions around environmental policies, monitoring and control of environmental management, community support for the management of environmental conflicts, food sovereignty, the exercise of environmental rights, and the incorporation of a focus on sustainability in the national political debate through the promotion of activities that sustainably use natural resource."[1]


FOBOMADE's Objectives are as follows:[2]

  • Strengthen the environmental movement and thematic networks, promoting the exchange of information, sharing of experiences, and coordination of actions for environmental protection.
  • Contribute to the prevention and the solution of socio-environmental problems and conflicts
  • Influence decisions on environmental policies.
  • Monitor the fulfillment of active legislation by the State and its economic agents.
  • Promote the use of socially and ecologically sustainable alternatives of natural resources.
  • Support the strengthening of organizations of local populations for the access and administration of natural resources.

Action Areas

  • Hydrocarbons and the Environment
  • Biodiversity and Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Water, Rivers, and Wetlands
  • Forests and Land
  • Mining Pollution and Industry
  • Social Control over Multilateral Banking
  • Legislation and Environmental Rights
  • Programa Sustentabilidad Bolivia (The Program of Bolivian Sustainability)

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