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Fair Oaks Farms is a dairy farm in Fair Oaks, IN. It is owned by the Bos, den Dulk, McCloskey, Schakel, and Van Ravenswaay families.[1] The farm is set up as a major tourism operation, with "3-D movies, a birthing barn, farm tours, a play area with a gigantic inflated pillow (think trampoline) and a restaurant that serves probably the best grilled-cheese sandwich ever."[2] About 80 to 100 calves are born each day.[3][4] The enormous farm milks its cows - 30,000 Holsteins - three times a day, with 500 cows milked every hour.[5] They produce 4 million glasses of milk each day, which leave the farm on a fleet of 42 trucks to go to processing facilities in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.[6][7] The CEO of Fair Oaks Farms is Gary Corbett.[8]

Food Dialogues

Fair Oaks Farm is one of four venues around the country where the agribusiness front group U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance held its town hall style Food Dialogues. The Indiana panel included Fair Oaks farm CEO Gary Corbett.[9] For more information, see the article on Food Dialogues.

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