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Dr. Fathi Darwish "is the Executive Director of One Voice's branch in Ramallah. One Voice is a grassroots organization of Israeli and Palestinian civilians who are working to reach a consensus about core issues of the conflict. One Voice seeks to amplify their voices and empower them to demand accountability from their leaders. As a medical student in France, Dr. Darwish engaged in dialogue with Jewish and Israeli students at universities in Europe. He was among the members of the Palestine Liberation Organization [the PLO] that fled from Lebanon after the war in 1983 to Tunisia. Upon returning to live in Ramallah after the signing of the Oslo Accords in the early 90s, he was involved in negotiations and political discussions with Israelis as part of his work in Palestinian governmental ministries. He sees his involvement with One Voice as a continuation of earlier dialogues to end occupation and violence." [1]

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