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Félix Peña "is a specialist in international economic relations and negotiations, economic integration and foreign trade policy.

"He has a Law degree from the Universidad del Litoral Law School in Santa Fe (1962), a Doctor degree in Law from the Universidad de Madrid (1962-65) and a European Law degree from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (1965), where he also studied economics.

"At present, he is Professor at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero and Director of the Master in International Trade Relations; Director of the Institute of International Trade-Standard Bank Foundation; Counselor and Member of the Executive Board of the Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (CARI), and President of the Academic Council of Fundación Export-Ar.

"He has a large practical and academic experience in the field of international trade negotiations.. He was Undersecretary of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Economics (1998-99) in charge of Mercosur affairs. Previously, he was Undersecretary of Economic Integration in Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1991-92), and National Coordinator of the Common Market Group (Mercosur). Previously he was Deputy Manager for Integration at the Interamerican Development Bank (1985-1991); Undersecretary of Economic International Relations in Argentina´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1982-1983). Expert (1966-1975) and then Director of the Institute for Latin American Integration of the IADB (1975-1977).

"He is a founding member of the CARI where he performed as Academic Secretary in 1976 until 1981. He has been advisor of the Fundación Mediterranea and the Fundación Andina He has also been consultant for the IADB, UNIDO, ALADI, the Andean Group, SELA, SIECA, the ECLAC, the OAS, UNDP, UNCTAD and the United Nations Commission on Transnational Corporations. He is member of the Working Group on EU-Mercosur Negotiations, at Chaire Mercosur, Sciences Po, Paris.

"In the legal field, he has had an active academic performance in the area of economic integration and international trade. He has written many articles, both in the legal and in the international relations field, including a book in colaboration with Celso Lafer "La Argentina y el Brasil en el Sistema de Relaciones Internacionales" (Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, 1973). His more recent book is “Momentos y Perspectivas. La Argentina en el mundo y en América Latina. He writes frequently in newspapers of Argentina and Brasil (La Nación, El Cronista and, Valor Económico)."?Chair Mercosur

His articles are published in his blog www.felixpena.com.ar