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femLINKpacific "was established in September 2000 and is registered under the Charitable Trust Act in Fiji.

"The overarching focus of femLINKpacific’s range of community media initiatives is “women speaking to women for peace”, a direct link with the women’s peace initiatives during the May 2000 crisis, in particular the Blue Ribbon Peace Vigil, where femLINKpacific was “born”." [1]

Their website also notes that: "In 2003 we won the Fiji Human Rights Commission World Press Freedom Day award (Television category) for fem’TALK Balancing the Scales and later that year we were selected as one of the 6 finalists in the Outstanding Individual or Community-Based Initiative, Advocacy/Networking category for the Gender and ICT Awards 2003; we also were Selected by InterAction's Commission on the Advancement of Women (CAW) and the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) as a case study for inclusion in the Asian Innovative Practices (AIP) publication." [2]

  • Coordinator/Producer-Director, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls [3] "She founded the women's media NGO femLINKpacific to ensure women's voices are heard. Admired as one of the best information channels in the Pacific, femLINKpacific emerged out of peace work during Fiji's second political coup, and foregrounds women's stories and gender issues arising from the crisis." [4]


Web: http://www.womensmediapool.org/grupos/femlink.htm