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"Entrepreneur, pioneer of workflow software, owner of numerous patents on the action/language approach to software design, author of many books and articles, and cited in over 4000 publications, Dr. Flores is regarded as a world class expert on how people work together to get things done. Dr. Flores’ management breakthroughs led to the establishment of Logonet, an educational corporation; Action Technologies, a software corporation; Business Design Associates, Inc.; an international consulting company, and Pluralistic Networks. Dr. Flores obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley, and his dissertation, Communication and Management in the Office of the Future, became the foundation of much of his later work. His books include: Understanding Computers and Cognition, A New Foundation for Design, co-authored with Dr. Terry Winograd, which was named the Best Information Science book of 1987 by the American Society for Information Science, and recognized by Byte Magazine as one of the all time 20 most influential books on Information Technology; Disclosing New Worlds: Entrepreneurship, Democatic Action and the Cultivation of Solidarity , co-authored with Hubert Dreyfus and Charles Spinosa; and Building Trust, co-authored with Robert Solomon. Dr. Flores has recently finished his term as a Senator in Chile, and is currently serving as President of the National Innovation Council. He also spends a significant amount of his time working with colleagues in California who are focused on developing learning tools and environments that will enable people to cultivate and thrive in Pluralistic Networks. Dr. Flores has six children and is married to his high-school love, Gloria Letelier."[1]

Flores has founded several companies including "Hermenet" (for which he used a $6 million investment from Werner Erhard). In the 1980s Werner Erhard worked with Flores[1] on aspects of language, setting up a body of work which makes a distinction between, on the one hand 'speaking that describes being' with, on the other hand, 'speaking that brings forth being'. The work that Flores did with Erhard was incorporated into The Forum. wiki


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