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Fix Our Future is a group created to support the Bush administration's attempt to privatize Social Security. The group draws its leadership from Republican campaign workers and will target an under-40 audience.

Fix Our Future's stated goals are as follows:

  • Help pass Social Security Reform legislation that includes Personal Retirement Accounts. This is the biggie. If we only managed this one, that would be fine...
  • Energize 18-39-year-olds to get out and make reform happen. It is a non-partisan effort, so jump on board.
  • Build a groundswell of support and a constituency around this issue.
  • Remind America that the younger generation has the biggest stake in Social Security Reform, and make our voice heard. [1]

Fix Our Future registered its website on April 29, 2005. The group organized an event called "Storm the Reform" on June 26, 2005, in Washington, D.C., that appeared to be a rally with live music for Social Security privatization.


  • Jessica Colón, Chair
  • Brian Graham, Finance director
  • Nicolee Ambrose
  • Eric Hoplin
  • Will Fields, Logistics Co-Director "Storm the Reform"
  • Adrienne Mitford, Recruitment Coordinator "Storm the Reform"
  • Brad Short, Logistics Co-Director "Storm the Reform"

Contact info

Fix Our Future
P.O. Box 70816
Houston, TX 77270
Telephone: 713.256.4069

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