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Fred Mednick "is currently the executive director of Teachers Without Borders. Fred Mednick has been a high-school principal for 12 years. Most recently, he was the Director of Bush Upper School in Seattle, Washington. His undergraduate work focused on literature and history at the University of California, and his graduate work in Education at Claremont Graduate School. Currently, he is working toward completion of doctoral work in Educational Leadership at Seattle University. He taught as a guest lecturer in the People's Republic of China and published a textbook on early American Literature there. He has been awarded with the:

  • Johns Hopkins University: Center for Talented Youth, 1993: "California's Outstanding Educators Award"
  • American International Youth Student Exchange Program, for "Distinguished Achievement for School Administrator"
  • "School Administrator Certificate of Excellence" - Activism 2000 Project (devoted to programs, on a national scale, which assist student community service and a sense of responsibility for one's community)

"He has just written a funny, practical, and insightful book, Rebel Without a Car: Surviving and Appreciating Your Child's Teen Years. (Fairview Press. 1996. (800) 544-8207). It is the first book in the country written for parents from an educator's insider view. It has been featured in radio and television shows throughout the country.

"Dr. Mednick has appeared online with Penelope Leach and Dr. Spock at Time-Warner's parenting resource website." [1]

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