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Fundacion Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano was involved in organizing the 2005 Global Forum for Media Development.

Writing for Znet in 2008, Michael Barker notes that:

"Based in Colombia the New Journalism Foundation - known locally as the Fundación para un Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI) - was set up in late 2004 as a nonprofit organization for training professional journalists. Since 1995, the Foundation has been headed by Jaime Abello Banfi, who observed (in 2003) that the original idea behind the Foundation "was to hold workshops for young journalists, to help them learn the tools of the trade, improve the quality of journalism, and motivate other journalists". [1] Motivating journalists to attend the workshops of this well-respected Foundation is no doubt aided by the fact that one of the organizations co-founders is the Nobel Literature Prize laureate, Gabriel García Márquez. The other founders of the group include Gabriel's brother Jaime García Márquez, and their executive director, Jaime Abello (who is a former manager of the Caribbean regional General Television Channel, and is also the president of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Foundation). [2]
"According to the New Journalism Foundation, their "core project" is their Iberian-American Journalism Workshop Program, which is "sponsored by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), and other private and public foundations". So given that the Foundation was founded by the progressive literary luminary, Gabriel García Márquez, I was disturbed to say the least, when I discovered that the Foundation is well connected to many democracy manipulators, including not least, the notorious National Endowment for Democracy (NED)." [1]

Advisory Board

Accessed April 2010: [2]

Directors Workshop

Accessed April 2010: [3]

Guest teachers

Accessed April 2010: [4]



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