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Gary D. Bass "is the Founder and Executive Director of OMB Watch. Since founding the advocacy organization in 1983, Dr. Bass has testified before Congress, appeared on national television, addressed groups across the country, and written extensively on federal budgetary, program management, regulatory and information policy issues.

"Dr. Bass is well known for assisting nonprofit organizations in better understanding federal rules affecting their organizations and constituencies and was recently selected as one of the Nonprofit Times Power and Influence Top 50. He has led campaigns to preserve the advocacy voice of nonprofits, make federal government a more open and accountable operation, and insure meaningful citizen participation in government decision-making. He has been an active supporter of right-to-know initiatives, encouraging the government to make information publicly accessible in order to empower its citizens. He has also undertaken initiatives to insure that, as we move into the information age, we do not create a society of information haves and have-nots.

"In 1989, he created RTK NET (the Right-to-Know Network), a free online computer service to provide community groups with access to government data. More than 3,000 people now use RTK NET to get access to government data about toxic chemicals, census, housing demographics, home mortgage activity, and campaign finances. He has been a pioneer in identifying ways in which the information superhighway can be a tool for those working in the public interest sector...

"Prior to founding OMB Watch, Dr. Bass was President of the Human Services Information Center, where he wrote two books and numerous articles on human services issues, and published the Human Services INSIDER, a bimonthly newsletter on the politics of federal human services program. He had also served as: Director of Liaison for the International Year of Disabled Persons; consultant on several projects in special education and the mental health of children, youth, most notably, the preparation of the first annual report to Congress on the implementation of the Education of All Handicapped Children Act (P.L. 94-142); Special Assistant to Wilbur Cohen, then chair of the Michigan Governor's Task Force on the Investigation and Prevention of Abuse in Residential Institutions; and in juvenile justice and community corrections.

"Dr. Bass received a combined doctorate in psychology and education from The University of Michigan, along with the University's highest award for graduate student teaching and several awards for academic excellence.“ [1]

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