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Geoff Tunnicliffe Director, Global Initiatives (International Director, World Evangelical Alliance)

"Geoff Tunnicliffe came on staff in 2003 to promote partnerships among Canadian ministries committed to a global outreach, as well as initiatives involving foreign-based ministries. In May 2005 he was appointed to lead the World Evangelical Alliance, where he will likely continue as international director until May 2010. Until recently he was also co-chair of Micah Challenge Canada, part of a global campaign (including the WEA) to mobilize Christians against poverty.

"Geoff spends a considerable amount of time travelling; mentoring leaders of Evangelical Alliances, speaking at global conferences, conducting media interviews, meeting with government and faith leaders and interacting with institutions such as the United Nations, G-8 and World Bank. Building evangelical identity, encouraging collaboration and unity, and building a strong voice for the marginalized, the poor and the persecuted are his priorities." [1]

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