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George Bugliarello, "University Professor, Chancellor and former president (1973-1994) of Polytechnic University is an engineer and educator whose background ranges from biomedical engineering to fluid mechanics, computer languages, socio-technology, and science policy.

"Member of the National Academy of Engineering and of the Council on Foreign Relations, George Bugliarello also holds honorary lifetime membership in the National Association for Science, Technology and Society (NASTS). He is a Founding Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, and, from 1994 to 1997, chaired the Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment of the National Research Council.

"Dr. Bugliarello is co-editor of Technology In Society-an International Journal, Interim Editor-in-Chief of The Bridge, the quarterly publication of the National Academy of Engineering, and serves on several editorial boards. He is a member and former president (1992-1993) of Sigma Xi, as well as Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer (1996-98).

"Dr. Bugliarello's international experience includes consultantships abroad for UNESCO and OECD, and assignments as a specialist for the U.S. Department of State in Venezuela and Central Africa. He is one of two U.S. members of the Science for Peace Steering Group of NATO, and continues as U.S. member of NATO's Science for Stability Steering Group (through December 1997).

"In 1975, George Bugliarello spearheaded the creation of Metrotech, the large university-industry park that now surrounds Polytechnic University and of which Polytechnic University was co-developer with Forest City. Metrotech is in fact the largest urban university-industry park in the United States and has attracted well over 20,000 jobs, mostly from the financial industry.

"In 1993, Dr. Bugliarello led the creation of the Center for Finance and Technology at Polytechnic and is currently working on the creation of a Center for Technology in Merchandising, the first such center in the nation to establish a direct connection between academic programs in engineering and the needs of the merchandising industry.

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