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Gerald Kraak who died in 2014 was "head of the South African office of Atlantic Philanthropies, an international charitable organisation. Kraak, who studied English and history at the University of Cape Town, worked in the anti-apartheid movement and left South Africa to avoid conscription into the military. He has published two books on South African politics and directed a film documentary on gay conscripts in the apartheid army." [1]

"Through Gerald’s support, particularly after he joined Atlantic Philanthropies in the early 2000s, new organisations were able to emerge and existing groups were able to re-evaluate their approach...When Atlantic began its phased withdrawal from South Africa, Gerald acted to ensure sustainability of the movement. More than any other person, he was crucial in the establishment of the Other Foundation. In its first year, the fund has already demonstrated its commitment to advancing the rights of LGBTI people in Southern Africa. None of this would have been possible with Gerald’s tireless work. While the impact of Gerald’s vision is indisputable, he would be the first to argue that we still have a long way to go." [2]

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