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The Germeshausen Foundation was established in 1967 by Kenneth Germeshausen and Pauline (“Polly”) Germeshausen. "Nancy Klavans is the president and trustee of the Germeshausen Foundation. The daughter of founders Ken and Polly Germeshausen, Nancy has led the foundation since 2001. The foundation's secretary and treasurer is Martin S. Kaplan, who also serves as a trustee. Martin has served the foundation since the mid-1980s and has worked closely with Ken and Polly Germeshausen and Nancy Klavans. Sarah and Alyssa Klavans, daughters of Nancy and Dick Klavans, currently serve as adjunct trustees of the Germeshausen Foundation." [1]

Select Grantees

Accessed April 2012: [2]

"Provided early funding for the Center for Alternative Medicine Research and Education at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston and the University of Massachusetts Medical School (mind/body work) Provided funding for Body and Soul, a documentary on alternative medicine

"Helped establish the field of religion and ecology through support for the Thomas Berry Foundation ( and the Forum on Religion and Ecology, now based at Yale University (

"Provided support to The Center of Rational Spirituality, which is dedicated to the betterment of humanity through the integration of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern rational thought.

"To help address the problems of disease transmission among wildlife, domesticated animals and humans, the foundation has provided support for EcoHealth Alliance (formerly Wildlife Trust) and its affiliates, the Consortium for Conservation Medicine and the Wildlife Trust Alliance."



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