Ghana Community Radio Network

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Ghana Community Radio Network

"GCRN was inaugurated in December 1999 at the thatched-roof open-air studio of Radio Ada. The three community radio stations that serve fishing communities are among its founding members. Other founding members are: Radio Progress, Simli Radio, Radio CIDA, Royals FM and Dormaa FM." [1]


"The formation of GCRN was initiated by Ghana Community Broadcasting Services (GCBS), the NGO which operates Radio Ada and which was expressly created to facilitate the development of Community Radio. Seed funds for the formation of GCRN were provided by UNESCO and the Ford Foundation West Africa Office...

"In 2002, the establishment of Secretariat offices with full-time staff was made possible with initial support from IBIS. Continuing support for capacity-building towards sustainability is being provided by the Free Voice Foundation of the Netherlands. Support for the development and production of programmes has been provided at various times and at different levels by IBIS, the Panos Institute of West Africa and the Civil Society Strengthening Facility of DFID. As a member association as well as through the individual membership of its constituent stations, GCRN also enjoys the support of AMARC (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters)." [2]

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