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"Mr. Giancarlo Elia Valori serves as Chairman of Milano Serravalle-Milano Tangenziali SpA (Alternate Name Autostrada Milano-Mare Tangenziali SpA). Mr. Valori serves as the Chairman of Sviluppo del Mediterraneo S.P.A. and La Centrale Finanziaria Generale S.p.A. He currently chairs La Centrale Finanziaria Generale S.p.A., the Fondazione Laboratorio per la Pubblica Amministrazione, the Italian Delegation of the Abertis Foundation and Huawei Technologies Italy (a telecommunication giant). He serves as vice-President of the prestigious Weizmann Institute in Paris, member of the Advisory Board School of the Business Administration College of Management in Israel, Economic Adviser to the HNA Group (the Chinese Group which is world leader of integrated services in tourism, transport, logistics, business and finance) and Director of the Advisory Board of the Khashoggi Holding Company, as well as Director of the Advisory Committee of the historical-technical Journal "Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage".

He served as Professor of "Communication Sciences in International Relations" at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the Free University Maria SS. Assunta in Rome, he is currently Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Peking University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China, where the future leaders are trained. In the Peking and Jerusalem Universities he also chairs the "Euro-China Centre", an appreciated organization which contributes to develop ever more fruitful exchanges between countries of different cultures. In Jerusalem he holds the position of Director of a specific degree course in the Faculty of Law, open to both Jewish and Arab students. After an intense teaching activity as professor of tax law and law in the Universities of Naples and Bologna, respectively, as well as in other major universities of economics and international relations, including the "Schiller College - An American University in Europe" in Paris, the "Salvador" in Buenos Aires and "La Sapienza University" in Rome, he carried out a fruitful and intensive advisory and consultancy activity. In addition to the essays written on personages such as "Il gigante David - Ben Gurion tra mito e realtà” (David the Giant - Ben Gurion between Myth and Reality" or on topical issues such as "La pace difficile - Angosce e speranze in Medio Oriente (The difficult Peace - Anxieties and Hopes in the Middle East), his many appreciated books - including “Geopolitica dello spazio” (Space Geopolitics) enriched by the forewords of the Israeli President, Shimon Peres, and President Emeritus of the Italian Republic, Francesco Cossiga - have provided valuable food for thought and a significant contribution to the debate in conferences and workshops, particularly on united Europe. Great interest has been aroused by his books: "La via della Cina - Passato, presente e futuro di un gigante della storia” (The Way of China - Past, Present and Future of a History Giant), published by Rizzoli; "Il Risorgimento oltre la storia” (The Risorgimento beyond History), written on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unification; "Anti-Semitismo. Olocausto. Negazione. - La grande sfida del mondo ebraico nel XXI secolo” (Anti-semitism. Holocaust. Negationism - The Great Challenge of the Jewish World in the twenty-first Century), published by Mondadori; “I giusti in tempi ingiusti” (the Just in unjust Times), published by Rizzoli; "Il futuro è già qui - Gli scenari che determineranno le vicende del nostro pianeta (The Future is already here - The Scenarios which will determine the History of our Planet), published by Rizzoli; "Mediterraneo tra pace e terrorismo” (The Mediterranean between Peace and Terrorism), published by Rizzoli and enriched by the forewords of the President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres, the President Emeritus of the Republic of Malta, Guido De Marco, and the editorialist Stefano Folli. He received many awards, which bear witness to his versatile and multi-faceted commitment as internationally renowned scholar and journalist, including: the journalism prize "Ischia Mediterraneo" (of which he was later President of the jury), for having enhanced the Mediterranean region with brilliant and original analyses on geopolitical and geo-economic relations; the prize for international relations "Bancarella per le Relazioni Internazionali”; the "International Prize of Culture" awarded by the "International Immigrants Foundation of the United Nations", for his strong commitment to promote and strengthen the socio-cultural relations between Europe and China. Together with him, in 1993, this very prestigious prize was also awarded to great international personalities, including Mikhael Gorbachev, Jorge Mas Canosa, Jonas Salk and Eugenio Alberto Lestelle. He has a degree in economics and business administration, as well as a degree in political science. After attending management specialization courses, as well as specific internship and economic and financial master courses in the United States of America, he became assistant professor at the Institute for Economic Research of the Denver University, one of the most prestigious private universities in Colorado."[1]

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