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Carolyn Gibb Vogel, MPH, "is a Senior Research Associate at Population Action International. She is responsible for the community-based population and environment initiative, research related to the reproductive health supplies issue (contraceptive security), and for tracking donor population assistance.

"Recent publications include several reports contained in the resource package Meeting the Challenge, Securing Contraceptive Supplies, including the reports, Donor Funding for Reproductive Health Supplies: A Crisis in the Making, Issue Profiles: Lessons learned from Five Countries, and Defining Reproductive Health Supplies: A Survey of International Programs. Other publications include Forging the Link: Emerging Accounts of Population and Environment Work in Communities in which she discusses the operational linkages between reproductive health and environmental services in developing countries.

"Ms. Vogel is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a masters degree in population and family health from Columbia University. Prior to joining PAI, she worked in program management and evaluation of USAID-funded family planning programs, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger.“ [1]

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