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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's spotlight on front groups and corporate spin.

The Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) is a campaign to encourage a Second Green Revolution based on a baseless claim that the world must double food production by 2050 to feed a growing population.[1] It described itself as a "private-sector voice for productivity growth throughout the agricultural value chain to sustainably meet the demands of a growing world."[2]


The organizations that make up GHI as of 2013:[3]

With "Consultative Partners:"


GHI has been a sponsor for Symposiums like Chicago Council on Global Affairs. There the chairman of Monsanto had the opportunity to speak as well as a representative of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, which promotes the use of "science-based agriculture."[4] GHI produces a “Global Agriculture Productivity Report” (GAP), “Global Agricultural Productivity Index” (GAP Index), the names of which they have trademarked to prevent other groups from using to spread information. GHI worked with organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to promote technologically modified seeds in sub-Sarahan Africa.[4]

Board of Directors

The board of directors as of 2013:[5]

  • Claudia Garcia, Senior Director Global Market Access, Elanco (Board Chair)
  • Richard Kottmeyer, Managing Director, Accenture
  • J.B. Penn, Chief Economist, John Deere
  • Susan Bunz, Vice President for Policy and Outreach, DuPont Pioneer
  • Stanley Litow, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs and President of IBM’s Foundation, IBM
  • Jerry Steiner, Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Monsanto
  • Jerry Flint, Vice President, Biotech Affairs and Regulatory, DuPont (Former Board Chair)

Contact Information


General Inquiries:
(202) 450-4891

Media Inquiries:
Matt Bennett
(571) 223-0042 Office
(831) 238-0950 Cell

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  1. This claim is taken from a statement by Jacques Diouf of the UN FAO, with no factual evidence backing it up. The FAO has repeatedly provided evidence and concluded that the world must increase food production by 70 percent by 2050, not double it.
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