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"With the help of a planning grant from the Dart Foundation, a steering committee of 15 young people from 10 different countries, including the former Yugoslavia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Nigeria, and the United States -- spent two years building the organization's foundations.

"In August 1999, Global Youth Connect began operating as a fully incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Since then, we have developed and implemented programs that are supporting and inspiring the passions and lives of youth and helping to create change on a wide variety of human rights and social justice issues around the world." [1]


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  • Tamsen Bhachech - Attorney, TS Touchstone, PLLC, Seattle, WA
  • Jen Gherardi - Director of Nonprofit Partnerships, WellGood LLC, New York, NY
  • Elizabeth Lee - Program Associate, World Council of Churches, New York, NY
  • Cynthia Steele - Executive Vice President, EMPower Foundation, New York, NY
  • Joel Tolman - Director of Development and Community Engagement, Common Ground, New Haven, CT


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"Global Youth Connect would also like to extend a special thank you to those who have contributed to its development over the years. Special thanks are in order to the Dart Foundation for the planning grant which enabled us to get started; Frank Ochberg who spurred us into action; the entire Board of the Friends of Raoul Wallenberg Foundation; Wilton Dillon and Mary Lynne Elroy for producing the Bergendal conference; Ervin Staub for the passion of his ideas and concerns; Camp Rising Sun; our funders; and all the members of the GYC Steering Committee, Board of Directors and the youth leaders who have participated in our programs - they've given their best thinking, extraordinary hearts and time in the hopes of making this dream a reality.

Founding Steering Committee Members


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Special Project Assistants (2007-2008)


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