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Gordon M. Hahn "is the author of Russia’s Islamic Threat (Yale University Press, 2007) which was named an "Outstanding Academic Title" for 2007 by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and the American Library Asssociation (ALA) in their CHOICE Current reviews for Academic Libraries. He also wrote Russia’s Revolution From Above, 1985-2000: Reform, Transition and Revolution in the Fall of the Soviet Communist Regime (Transaction Publishers, 2002), and numerous scholarly and analytical articles on politics, Islam, and jihadism in Russia. He has taught at Stanford, St. Petersburg State (Russia), Boston, American, San Jose State, and San Francisco State Universities and has been both a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the George F. Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies.

Dr. Hahn received a BA and MA from Boston College and in 1995 a PhD from Boston University. He has spent three years teaching and researching in Russia, including more than a year researching the archives of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee. From 1997-2000 Dr. Hahn conducted over 50 interviews with former Soviet officials on the end of the Cold War for a joint project sponsored by Stanford University, the Hoover Institution, and the Gorbachev Foundation in Moscow. He conducts research and teaches on Islam and Politics in Russia and Eurasia, Russian domestic and foreign policy, international relations in Eurasia, regime transformation theory, nationalism, and Islamism in Eurasia. He is currently a main researcher and editor of Islam, Islamism, and Politics in Eurasia Report, a forthcoming multi-monthly on the MonTREP website." [1]

He helps run the blog: Russia: Other Points of View

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