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Greenwood School is a Waldorf School (although not openly advertised as such) that "offers a dynamic education that recognizes the developmental phases and fosters the emerging capacities of each child. Enlivened education is filled with vitality, enthusiasm and spirit of imagination...

"Artistic expression is used as a tool for deeper learning, rather than as a process to create a product. For example, a subject matter is initially introduced through an oral story such as fairytale, fable, or biography of a historical figure. Students then absorb and understand the lesson further by drawing or painting, sculpting or even dramatizing the story. Practical arts like knitting and woodworking are an integral part of our curriculum and offer more than coordination, patience and skill. Rhythmical movements while working with the hands also promotes the mental operations of logic (reaching conclusions, forming judgments, and comprehension) and further develops intelligence, which is formed through activity, movement and manual dexterity." [1]  


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