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Grove/Atlantic, Inc. "is one of America’s oldest independent literary publishing houses. Merged in February 1993, its two imprints, Atlantic Monthly Press, founded in 1917, and Grove Press, founded in 1951, have over the last 90 years published thousands of titles that have made an important contribution to American and world culture. The books (from Goodbye, Mr. Chips to Cold Mountain, Black Hawk Down, and The Inheritance of Loss) and authors (from Samuel Eliot Morrison to Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, and Sherman Alexie) have won every major award, including more than 20 Pulitzer Prizes, numerous National Book Awards and eight Nobel Prizes for Literature.

"Atlantic Monthly Press was a book imprint founded in 1917 out of The Atlantic Monthly Press magazine. During the next 67 years, the Press's books won more than sixteen Pulitzer Prizes and National Book Awards. Among the Press's best-selling award winning titles published during those years were Mutiny on the Bounty, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Drums Along the Mohawk, Ship of Fools, Fire in the Lake, The Soul of the New Machine, and Blue Highways.

"In 1985, the Press was spun off from the magazine and became independent. In May 1986 Carl Navarre purchased the Press and set about making it a truly independent house. During this period, Atlantic published such authors as Patricia Highsmith, J.P. Donleavy, Bruce Jay Friedman, P. J. O'Rourke, Richard Ford, Raymond Carver, Jeanette Winterson, Tobias Wolff, Rian Malan, and Ron Chernow, author of the National Book Award winning title, The House of Morgan.

"Grove Press was founded in 1951 Barney J. Rosset, Jr.—a maverick in twentieth-century publishing." [1]



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