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Grow Strong is a non-profit founded by American Amy Lint and Kenyan Malaki Obado that promotes food sovereignty in the Kenyan district of Bondo, an area inhabited by the Luo people.

Traditional Foods and Non-Food Crops

As Bondo District is a semi-arid part of Kenya, there is not enough water during much of the year to grow many common food species. Grow Strong promotes traditional plant foods grown in this area as a way to help provide enough food during dry periods of the year. Some also provide crucial micronutrients to the local diet. These foods include:

Additionally, they promote growing sisal (Agave sisalana), a local, drought-tolerant plant that is used to make rope

Grow Strong also encourages traditional dishes, such as uji, a healthy fermented porridge made from finger millet and cassava that has fallen out of favor in Bondo District.

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