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"Marshall Ganz said that “strategy is turning the resources you have into the power you need, to win the change you want”. Therefore, the first conversation we had at the Guerrilla Foundation, before we even had a name or tax number, was whether there is a need for us to exist and if so, what was it that we would do that others were not doing, and why this was worthwhile...

"we sought counsel from people who dedicated their lives exclusively to an interplay of predicting and imagining viable & likely scenarios that the future holds: the Global Scenario Group (an international, interdisciplinary body convened in 1995 by the Tellus Institute & the Stockholm Environment Institute)." Like the Edge Funders Alliance "(also an oragnisation we support and are network members of)." [1]

In 2018 they noted: "This summer, when the Guerrilla Foundation was not even officially registered yet, we took the bold decision to join the Open Society Initiative for Europe, the European Cultural Foundation, and the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation in developing a participatory fund for European activists. " [1]

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