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Biographical Information

"Professor Latifee is the Managing Director of Grameen Trust, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which has provided financial and technical support in 39 countries. Before joining Grameen Trust in 1994, he was working in the University of Chittagong as a Professor of Economics.

"As a result of his experience with Grameen Bank, Grameen Trust and Grameen partners worldwide, Professor Latifee is considered an expert in the area of microfinance. He is a winner of Business Week's Stars of Asia Award, 2001 for his leadership in the field of microcredit and poverty alleviation.

"Professor Latifee serves as on the Boards of Grameen Samogri, Grameen Shakti, Grameen Communication, Grameen Bebsha Bikash, Bangladesh and Nirdhan Utahan Bank, Ltd." [1]

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