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The Healthy Marriage Initiative was included in the Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Bill of 2005 (S. 1932) as a proviso that sets aside $100 million annually "to help families stay together." [1]

President George W. Bush said, regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children & Families "Healthy Marriage Mission":

"To encourage marriage and promote the well-being of children, I have proposed a healthy marriage initiative to help couples develop the skills and knowledge to form and sustain healthy marriages. Research has shown that, on average, children raised in households headed by married parents fare better than children who grow up in other family structures. Through education and counseling programs, faith-based, community, and government organizations promote healthy marriages and a better quality of life for children. By supporting responsible child-rearing and strong families, my Administration is seeking to ensure that every child can grow up in a safe and loving home."

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