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"Heel was established by the German physician Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985) in Berlin/Germany in 1936. Immediately after completing his education at the renowned Charité Clinic he founded his own medical practice in 1932. Reckeweg was also a talented homeopath who recognized the need for effective and easy-to-use natural-based medicines to treat specific illnesses. Challenging many of the tenets of classical homeopathy, he combined homeopathic medications in new ways and introduced a comprehensive therapeutic system called Homotoxicology. Homotoxicology and homeopathic combination medications have formed our approach to healing as intended by nature ever since...In 1977, Heel became part of the DELTON AG, continuing its international growth at an exponential rate. The company presently has 10 international subsidiaries."[1]

In 2014, Heel announced that it would stop marketing within the United States and Canada after August 31, 2014. Its press release attributed the decision to two class-action suits that has caused a "substantial financial burden." [1]



Web: http://www.heel.com

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