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Biographical Information

"I used to be the managing director of a foundation, publishing director of a magazine for parents, an entrepreneur, and I was raised and trained, like most of us in the western world, to doubt and be sceptical about anything that could not be ‘scientifically’ proven. So, how is it that I now wear another hat, facilitating Reconnective Healing® and HeartRealignment® Coaching, supporting people in healing, changing, and sometimes totally transforming their lifes, relationships, their families and careers?..." [1]


  • Business Administration, Law and International Affairs, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Over more than seventeen years I studied and facilitated different therapy modalities such as:

Continued studies and extensive trainings

  • Studies with Mary MacNab (Starseed Activation, Goddess Classes, Hacking the Matrix, Resonating with Radiance, All Mother Trinity)
  • Studies with Lucia René (Unplugging from the Patriarchy) and Inelia Benz (Ascencion 101)
  • Studies with Byron Katie, Leslie Temple Thurston, Mark Borax (Soul Level Astrology)
  • Spiritual Healing modalities and transformational processing techniques
  • Jennifer Posada (Spring of the Nymphs, Secrets of embodying bliss)
  • Mystery School teachings
  • Certified Prosperity Coach through the “Prosperity Partnership Program” (Elyse Hope Killoran/Max Wellspring) – a multi-disciplinary approach to success and wellbeing, supported by a wide range of modalities
  • Embodying Fluidity – Navigating from the Heart, Mary MacNab
  • Past life regression therapy (Dr. Brian Weiss)
  • EFT Practitioner (Level 3), Gwyneth Moss (EFT Master), Linda Wood, Steve Wells. AAMET certified and a registered member of GRCCT (General Regulatory Council of Complementary Therapies, UK)
  • Emotional Freedom & Healing (EF&H), Richard Ross
  • Ho’oponopono (Mabel Katz, Dr. Joe Vitale)
  • Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)
  • Radical Forgiveness (Colin Tipping)
  • Sedona Process
  • Silva Mind Control (Ursula Haller)
  • Peak Performance Training (Steve Wells)

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