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Herbert Zweibon is the chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and is affiliated with several Zionist organizations. AFSI is an extreme Zionist organization; they often sponsor groups visiting the most violent and contentious places in the West Bank. In their recent report about their trip to Israel they wrote:

"The Jews of Israel have an additional, immediate enemy. They are battling the Sharon government. They face intimidation, administrative detention and arrest by the Israeli police."[1]

Hence, this group is to the right of the current Sharon government.

On August 11, 2004, Zweibon addressed a crowd at a memorial meeting for Ze'ev Jabotinsky -- an extreme Zionist fascist (NB: this has been documented by Lenni Brenner in Zionism in an Age of Dictators).[2]

Zweibon also works with Christian fundamentalist zionists:

Herbert Zweibon, AFSI's Chairman, believes that Evangelical Christians might turn the tide in the upcoming election. He has therefore enlisted the assistance of Kim Johnson, director of Global Israel Alliance/GIA to spearhead the AFSI/GIA effort to get Christians to vote on whether or not they support the establishment of a PLO state in the land of Israel. The GIA website, www.globalisraelalliance.com, the AFSI website, www.afsi.org, as well as the websites of various Bible-believing organizations throughout America, carry the referendum ballot. The campaign will conclude at the end of September, 2004. [3]

Herbert Zweibon should not be confused with the child of a Kenyan pastor who was also given the same name [4].