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Hilal Demir

"I actively worked in Izmir War Resisters' Association since 1997 till 2002. The association established in 1991 and closed 2002. During my activism within the association I worked on feminist, antimilitarist, anarchist, non-violence and CO issues.

"I am still active in antimilitarist movement in Turkey, and made my own woman's CO declaration in 2005.

"Within the association we founded an antimilitarist-feminist women's group. After some discussions we became independent in 1999 under the name of “Antimilitarist Feminists”. The group does not exist now. During this time, I personally helped found a homosexual group in Izmir which was a first experience in this city.

"I had a nonviolent trainer education for two years in 1999-2001. Also participated in several international trainings.

"Within the Izmir War Resisters’ Association we had a nonviolent trainer working group. This working group - now called the Izmir Nonviolent Trainer Initiative - continued to work after closure of association with 5 members, including me. We are working with several political groups like feminist, homosexual, antimilitarist, trade union etc. Our aims are introducing nonviolence and training tools, exchanging experiences, creating a culture of nonviolence.

"My priorities within WRI are, nonviolence/trainings and antimilitarist feminism. Therefore I would like to be more active in Nonviolent Training working group and Women's group." [1]

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